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A move beyond ordinary, a partnership ‘meant to be’

By: Rockwell | December 9, 2021

Written By: Theresa S. Samaniego

Wherever Rockwell Land goes, trust it to make an indelible mark in delivering curated, beyond ordinary lifestyles.

From its flagship project in Makati City to the succeeding developments it has built within and outside Metro Manila, every Rockwell community has always exceeded expectations while setting new benchmarks in high-end urban living.

So imagine what this highly respected developer can do in Bacolod, a place with whom it shares the same values and affinity for the finer things in life. Having established its presence in Metro Manila, the company has now made its mark in the City of Smiles. It was definitely worth the wait—especially since this foray was what Rockwell Land deems as “meant to be.”

“Does Bacolod even need an introduction?” Rockwell Land president Nestor J. Padilla said in an interview with Inquirer Property.

Rockwell Nestor J. Padilla

Rockwell Land President Nestor J. Padilla

“The people of Manila knew Bacolod to be a sugarcane country and during the height of the sugar boom, the people who had nice cars in schools were the kids of the sugar barons. I think this is what’s nice about Bacolod—they came from an old rich background, they appreciate the good life, they appreciate taste. That’s why we are so eager to create something in Bacolod,” he explained.

‘An enhanced memory’

In 2019, Rockwell Land made its entry to Bacolod through Nara Residences.

Rising on an 11-ha terrain along GM Cordova Avenue, Nara Residences affords residents a modern progressive lifestyle that integrates the Negrenses’ refined tastes and Bacolod’s rich cultural heritage amid a stunning backdrop of a vast lush landscape. Through Nara Residences, Rockwell is curating comfort and affluence for this Visayan city’s most discerning few.

“We’ll give the Negrenses what they’ve always loved. Nara Residences will bring back good memories. It will be a development that is appropriate for them. And it’s not just the landscape, the curb or the gutter, it’s the lifestyle of Bacolod that we will recreate—a lifestyle of how they remember it to be. It’s a memory that will become part of the present because we will allow them to experience it again. Nara Residences is essentially an enhanced memory, an enhanced part of the past that we are trying to bring to the Negrenses,” Padilla explained.

Bigger living spaces

Rockwell Nara

Rockwell Land introduces more living spaces in Bacolod City through residential lots at Nara Residences.

As expected, Rockwell Land captured the hearts of the Bacolodnons as shown in their warm reception for Nara. Following the successful launches of One and Two Nara, the company is also bringing its Rockwell Horizontals brand to further meet the needs of this well-heeled market.

Rockwell Horizontals introduces residential lots at Nara Residences, thus providing bigger living spaces within this sprawling estate. This makes Nara Residences the first development in Negros Occidental replete with condominium, residential lot and retail components.

Nara Lots is also the only pre-selling high-end residential community with a Bacolod City address.

Exclusivity and privacy figure prominently in this development as there are only 110 premium lots being offered, with cuts ranging from 250 sqm to 400 sqm. Such spacious areas afford future residents with more than enough room and flexibility to create a home that will suit their needs. Nara residential lots are set for turnover by 2024.


Generously sized lots allow Bacolodnons to create spacious homes to their liking.

Bringing the Rockwell flair, lifestyle 

A Negrense himself, Padilla said Rockwell’s Bacolod projects  were  partly among the reasons why he is still around—as he would want to see the realization of that distinct Rockwell flair and lifestyle in these developments. And despite the pandemic, he has no doubt that their offerings will continue to be just as successful.

“Every project has its challenges—this one really is more because of COVID-19. But for Bacolod, it was less challenging because I know the market, I know the people. It was easier to a certain extent because of the familiarity,” Padilla said.

He pointed out that the same things the market likes about Rockwell—attention to details, function and not just aesthetics—will be seen in Nara Residences.

“I think the market is expecting Rockwell to be Rockwell. I don’t think we even have to reinvent—we just have to be what we are, which is to be sensitive to what the market wants and give the Rockwell attention. The key, however, is not to be overconfident, not to have hubris, to keep yourself close to the ground and keep on doing what you have been doing for 25 years,” he added.

Perfect fit

Nara Residences no doubt makes a perfect fit for the Negrenses’ discerning lifestyle. With its utilities kept underground, the neighborhood can experience unobstructed views and can better appreciate the tree-lined avenues that complement the lush landscapes and open spaces. Residents will also have access to the clubhouse that has a function room and swimming pool. Retail pavilions are also slated to rise in this development to ensure residents’ convenience.

For a taste of Rockwell’s distinct offerings, one can visit the Rockwell Glass House at Nara Residences, where concessionaires offer a range of delicious treats and lifestyle goods.

Apart from Nara Residences, Rockwell will also soon be unveiling another development in Bacolod City that further showcases its thriving lifestyle.


The vision for Rockwell Center Bacolod brings together a community with a holistic lifestyle.

Set to rise within a prime section in this city is the 30-ha Rockwell Center Bacolod—a premium mixed-use development poised to become a complete, self-contained community similar to the prestigious Rockwell Center Makati. It will feature iconic high-end residential towers, a Power Plant Mall, retail hubs, offices, a school and commercial lots which will be launched this year.

As with its other developments, Rockwell Land is bringing to Bacolod its distinct mark of safety, exclusivity and quality—primarily the reasons why this up and coming community has been much awaited by the Negrenses. On top of that, future residents, visitors and tenants in Rockwell Center Bacolod will get to enjoy the open spaces and linear parks, which are set to be points of convergence and activities for the whole community.

“I think we’re going to raise the standard in Bacolod, whether through our horizontal or vertical offerings. It will be like a Rockwell Center. We are bringing them that standard they’ve loved and grown accustomed to, something that has not been done for a long time. We will give the Negrenses what they want—which is to retain the charm of the old Bacolod but at the same time, give them something that is fresh, something a bit different and something they truly enjoy,” Padilla concluded.

Learn more about Nara Residences here.


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