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Lot Types

Nara Residential Lots offers two types of cuts for those who want to be part of this exclusive horizontal offering from Rockwell Land. As you relish in this beyond ordinary lifestyle, you can choose between an intimate 250-299 sqm lot or a gracious 300-400 sqm cut.

  • 250 sqm lots

    The 250-299 sqm cut offers newlyweds, young families, or even discerning individuals a space that can accommodate a comfortable living area, a home office, and even a bedroom or two easily.

    Price Range: Php 6.5M to 7.2M

  • 300-400 Sqm Lots

    If you’re thinking of a home that can accomodate extended family, occasional gatherings, or just looking for space beyond the usual offer for homes with lots of room for indoor gardening, a home gym, a big kitchen, or even a game room then a 300-400 sqm cut is the one for you.

    Price Range: Php 8.4M to 12M


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