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Market and Museum

By: Rockwell | November 15, 2019

Date and time: April 25-28, 2019 | Grand opening – 3:00 to 6:00 PM

Venue: 32 Sanson Clubhouse (Grand Opening) and Sales Office (Exhibit)

Attendees: Invited guests and unit owners

Partner: Gina Atienza (UO), Kristina Skobanek (Business Partner of Gina) a.k.a Java Pavilion and Sarina Collection

What were the activities and what happened: Grand opening – cocktails and a fashion show to showcase the Balinese fashion products. Exhibit – 4 day-event

Get ready for sunnier days and colorful patterns! Through Market and Museum’s fantastic exhibit held in 32 Sanson, Cebuanos got a taste of all things Indonesian by kicking off with a fashion show filled with light summer pieces by Gina Atienza in the 32 Sanson Clubhouse and a Balinese-inspired art exhibit by Cristina Skobanek in the Sales Office. From paintings, stone sculptures, centuries-old wood, and Indonesia’s traditional fabric called batik, guests were transported into a beautiful and culture-rich exhibit held last April 25-28 in 32 Sanson’s lush property no less.

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