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Top 5 Things To Consider When Buying a Condo

By: Rockwell | September 28, 2021

Bacolod City is famously known as the “City of Smiles.” And there are plenty to smile about when it comes to things to consider when buying a condo and moving into one of the country’s most vibrant provinces.

Moving into Bacolod is an opportunity to connect with a rich local culture. The province’s festivals, old world architecture, and nature spots, coupled with the warm and welcoming local community is enticing enough to convince one to settle down here. In fact the city’s harmonious marriage of the historic and progressive makes it an even more attractive choice for a real estate investment.

In this article, we go into further detail on what to consider when buying a condo in the famed Negrense city.

Benefits of living close to nature

When it comes to buying property in provincial cities, one of the biggest draws for current city dwellers are the green spaces as well as the proximity to nature. The positive effects of nature on well-being has been well documented in research. Human beings naturally connect with nature, which positively benefits physical, mental, and spiritual health. Furthermore, connecting with the outside world can inspire creativity.

A home in a province like Bacolod is conducive to overall well-being. If you wish to enjoy the great outdoors, you can easily head over to Lakawon Island for a day at the beach, hike through the lush landscape of the Mambukal Mountain Resort, or take a dip at Pulang Tubig Waterfalls.

And if you choose to enjoy nature closer to home, take in the fresh, provincial air by relaxing outdoors.

Opportunity to reconnect with one’s cultural heritage 

The MassKara Festival is Bacolod’s most famous festival. It is credited with earning the city its moniker as the “City of Smiles.” As one of the country’s biggest events, the colorful festival was born amid a time of crisis in the year 1980, when demand for Bacolod’s sugar cane industry suffered amid the introduction of substitute products, particularly high-fructose corn syrup. This, coupled with the tragic collision of the MV Don Juan with another tanker, resulting in the deaths of locals, called for a collective uplifting of the Negrense people. As such, then mayor, Jose Montalvo, organized the first “Festival of Smiles,” characterized by dancing, music, and the trademark vibrant costumes worn by performers, which is only matched by the equally vivid street decor that has garnered comparisons to the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro.

Bacolod is also home to a host of historical landmarks including the San Sebastian Cathedral, which dates back to 1882; Talisay’s famous The Ruins, also known as the “Negros Taj Mahal;” and the Balay Negrense museum, a preserved bahay na bato that once belonged to a a sugar baron. The museum showcases the architecture and antique furniture and home decor of a 19th century stone house.

Lastly, Bacolod cuisine is no doubt a huge attraction. Visitors are drawn to authentic, traditional fare from the famous Chicken Inasal, which has solidified its place in mainstream Filipino cuisine and Kansi, a local version of Bulalo;  as well as famous local desserts like the Piaya and Napoleones.

From an economic perspective, Bacolod’s cultural heritage strongly endears itself to both local and international tourists. As the economy recovers from the pandemic and tourism slowly resumes, the province is unlikely to lose its charm as it continues to be one of the country’s top attractions.

More space to live, work, and play

Compared to urban developments, communities located in the province have the benefit of more space–and this translates to condom options with generous cuts. This means home dwellers can enjoy bigger living spaces.

Now that working from home and distance learning continues to characterize post-pandemic life, with hybrid work set to become the future of work, space is more vital than ever.  

Beyond one’s property, space also manifests itself in the form of less congested commutes as well as an abundance of green spaces and public parks.

A refreshing alternative to big city living

Bacolod city is experiencing rapid progress, making it a viable alternative to Metro Manila. In fact, it is included in the line-up of pilot cities chosen for the World Bank Green and Resilient Development Program. The initiative was designed to provide technical assistance to these cities and incorporate the best strategic urban planning practices in their development–all as part of a COVID-19 recovery program.

In addition to this, Bacolod is noted for its strong IT-BPO industry. According to the Philippine Daily Inquirer, the industry alone provides 35,000 jobs. Furthermore, the Bacolod-Negros Occidental Federation for Information and Communications Technology (BNEFIT) continues to develop talent through its programs for creative industries like animation and gaming.

Apart from its bustling economic activity, Bacolod provides all the creature comforts of big city living. Residents can enjoy easy access to key destinations including schools, hospitals, commercial establishments, business centers, and main thoroughfares.

Value appreciation

With its strong cultural heritage, economic growth, and refreshing provincial setting, your next property in Bacolod is set to see a healthy appreciation in future value.

However, the final consideration when buying a condo in the province is the reputation of the developer from whom you are purchasing your condominium unit.

Nara Residences is Rockwell’s pioneer high-end residential development in Bacolod. Home buyers like yourself can enjoy the same trademark Rockwell lifestyle that sets Rockwell communities apart. Not to mention, a sense of safety and exclusivity thanks to the development’s high standards of security and privacy.

And in keeping with the lush Bacolod landscape, Nara Residences maintains 80% of open space coupled with an amenity area that houses a clubhouse which includes a function room, gym, and pool. The units themselves provide ample space and a signature three-meter high ceiling. Choose from a generous sized 36-square meter studio all the way to a 104-square meter three-bedroom property. And if you opt to move into a larger unit as your family grows, Rockwell Leasing can list your property at highly-competitive rates.


To learn more and find a home that suits you and your family best, contact Rockwell Land.

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