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Your guide to staying fit at home

By: Rockwell | September 28, 2021

As families settle into the new normal, the home has become the center for all aspects of daily life. Remote work, distance learning, family time, and even staying fit at home are among the many activities that one can now engage in without the need to head out. More importantly, fitness has become more important than ever as people put a greater premium on personal health amid the pandemic.

While it’s certainly fun to visit the membership gym, at least for a change of scenery,  this is currently not the most ideal way to work out as far as health and safety is concerned, more so for individuals who may be more vulnerable. As fitness buffs wait for their favorite spin classes or group exercise sessions to slowly resume, exercising in and around the home is an easy alternative to staying physically fit.

In this article, we share tips on how to keep active and healthy with these home workout ideas.

Do body weight exercises

Body weight exercises are perhaps one of the most efficient and practical ways to work out at home. But while there is no need for small weights nor large equipment, correct form is key to ensuring you are working out the right muscle groups, and more importantly, preventing injury.

When done properly, body weight exercises such as burpees, push-ups, planks, and lunges help you build cardiovascular endurance, improve balance and stability, and increase muscle strength, among several benefits. In fact, several of these moves can engage several muscle groups at a time. Body weight exercises also provide greater flexibility, so whatever your fitness level, you can easily alter a workout with variations on form.

If you need expert guidance without an actual fitness instructor to see you through, workout apps are very easy to come by, several of which are free and span every type of workout from yoga to HIIT. Apps such as You Are Your Own Gym are particularly focused on body weight exercises.

Invest in space-saving home gym equipment

While staying fit at home can be done without weights, treadmills, and benches, nothing should stop you from mixing up your fitness routine. The great news is, manufacturers have been developing more options for space-friendly home gym equipment. One popular example are compact treadmills that can be folded down and stored under your bed or mounted on the wall. Adjustable dumbbell sets also free you from the need to purchase bulky storage racks. 

And if your home has high ceilings, take advantage of that extra height by mounting a pull-up bar on your doorway or an all-in-one suspension training system like a TRX kit.

Interestingly, home gym  equipment has gotten more technologically advanced with products like The Mirror, which belongs to a class of futuristic workout devices called “fitness mirrors.” These devices–part decorative home piece, part interactive smart device–let you follow on-demand workout conveniently projected on a mirrored screen.

Work out in common areas

There are plenty of science-backed reasons to go outside for your workout. Taking a brisk walk or jogging while basking in the sun has a positive effect on mood by raising serotonin levels. Not to mention, sunlight is a great source of immunity-boosting vitamin D.

If your community has open spaces, take your workout session outdoors. Jogging is not the only activity you can do outside. Lay out your mat for a series of bodyweight exercises, stretches, or even a yoga session.

Just make sure to plan your outdoor workouts well. Prepare by getting sufficient hydration, doing a proper warm-up, packing small equipment and necessities like your fitness face mask, and should you choose to work out during the day, picking the right time for healthy sun exposure, which experts recommend at around midday from 11am to 2pm.

Incorporate mindfulness into your routine

Staying cooped up at home while doing everything from home chores to homework can take its toll on you and your family, so make sure to give everyone space to wind down. A great way to do this is to intersperse high-intensity workouts with meditation sessions. Meditation’s host of health benefits include stress reduction, improved sleep, and enhanced self-awareness. It can even help you absorb and retain information better by improving concentration and reducing age-related memory loss.

If you are new to meditation, there are several apps at your disposal. Among the most popular apps are Headspace, which also has a version designed for children called Headspace for Kids.

Invest in a property that lets you and your family live well

Engaging in healthy habits such as daily exercise is key to a life well-lived–but so is choosing a property that will allow you and your family to enjoy the best quality of life.

When you choose a condo at Nara Residences, Rockwell’s first high-end residential development in Bacolod, you benefit from a well-planned community that is conducive to work, life, and play. It’s worth noting that 80% of the property consists of open spaces where you can safely gather with loved ones, enjoy the fresh provincial setting, or even do an outdoor workout session alone or together. Furthermore, the amenity area provides more areas for recreation including a clubhouse, two pool areas, and serenity spaces for relaxation

Bigger unit cuts with a generous 3-meter ceiling height also provides plenty of room for your family to live, work, and grow, so you can have ample space for everything from a home office to an indoor exercise area. And from an investment perspective, choosing a property at Rockwell in Bacolod comes with the assurance of a strong developer reputation backed by some of the country’s most coveted, secure, and private communities


Live your healthiest life ever with a nature-inspired home at Nara Residences. To learn more, contact Rockwell Land today.

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